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Chapter 1. Haldi.

Indian weddings,they say are the most lavish, most loud (well sometimes),grand,colorful and damn long..

This description fits the bill even better when you are from the Northern part of the country. Well, thank fully for me, my family has always been the subtle one so the wedding wasn’t going to be a pomp and show, but an intimate affair (well..almost).

This is my wedding diary..

IMG_3925 (1280x853)IMG_3985 (1280x853)

IMG_3599 (853x1280)
For all of you who know me, I have a weird OCD about designs, colors and patterns. So when we narrowed down our decorator for the wedding, he was in for a very ‘specific’ bride. My Haldi was a riot of colors, messy and my most fun function. P,s-I am little biased with day functions. Natural light has always scored brownie points.

IMG_3610 (853x1280)

IMG_3634 (1280x853)
‘Love is in the air’

IMG_3649 (1280x853)

IMG_4020 (1280x853)
I have always (proudly) claimed that I am daddy’s girl. Well I have had my reasons, papa was always easy to crib to, to blackmail and once you shed a tear it was game over. Jokes apart..I get my pride, ego and of-course my punctuality from him. Both me and my brother would not have turned out to be so confident, sharp and independent if it wasn’t for him.
IMG_3951 (1280x853) (1)
Meet Ma. Now yes,I know..I look identical to her..She is the pillar for the entire family, She is also our vent out person. From the maid cooking bad food, to bad day at work to cribbing about life in general..Today she is number 1 on my speed dial list. I call her atleast 2 times a day (two times because first time she usually doesn’t answer ;)) She is my constant. Also those lovely earrings are hers.
IMG_3691 (853x1280)
This handsome man on the right is my brother. 7 years older than me,he and I could make Tom and Jerry look like an understatement. But boy, lay a finger on me and you could be history.
IMG_3726 (1280x853)
Now please meet the most important man in my life. Meet Bruno. He commands all my attention,love and food. We got him when I could fit him in my pocket, today well..I am pretty sure he thought that yellow haldi was food.
IMG_4040 (1280x853)
Meet the groom. He is crazy to my poise. Impromptu to my planned and messy to my OCD.

‘But love conquers all’

IMG_4179 (853x1280)
Support system. They existed before the boy (s) came in and stayed forever. I have known each one them through different phases of my life. Some I have knows since we were in school, some through college, some became pillars through heartbreaks and some came in when I was least expecting..
IMG_3768 (853x1280)
For people who have known me all my life,would know how important these two people are in my life. My childhood is non-existent without memories with them..My teenage life is meaningless without their encouragement and support and now my adult life is just wanting to see them more. Making life colorful since forever.

Photo credit : Simran Oberoi (Photozaapki)


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